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Judicial decisions for this district are available through PACER (link is external). You will need a user ID and password from the PACER Service Center to access judicial decisions. It is free to register for an account though you must provide billing information at the time of registration.


The PACER Service Center  does not receive appropriations from the federal government to provide electronic public access services. Instead, Congress directed the Judiciary to fund PACER through user fees. As a result, all registered agencies and individuals are charged $0.10 per page for PACER searches. This includes searches that yield no matches. In addition, audio files generate a $2.40 per-file charge.

 PACER counts billable pages in three ways:

1. For an html-formatted report, a formula determines the number of pages.

2. For a PDF, the actual number of pages is counted.

3. On the PACER Case Locator (PCL), 54 lines are counted as one billable page.


NOTE: If you accrue less than $15 in charges quarterly, fees are waived for that period.

For printed report data from CM/ECF, the print job will not always match the number of pages billed, as settings may vary. All users are charged equally for the same information regardless of settings or printer configurations.

To access decisions from the Western District of New York, CLICK HERE or go to from your web browser. Enter your PACER ID and password, select Reports > Civil and Criminal Reports > Written Opinions, then enter your search parameters.