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Employment Opportunities

Programmer Analyst - Our Information Technology (IT) professionals support extensive technology programs and help make it possible to deliver justice in a technology-driven environment. These professionals are in touch with the latest technology and software programs.

For Judiciary employment opportunities, please visit:

AO78 Application for Judicial Branch Federal Employment

Know Your Employee Rights and How to Report Wrongful Conduct

For a copy of the Judiciary's Code of Conduct, please click the below link:

Code of Conduct for Judicial Employees

For additional ethics and judicial conduct guidance governing employees, interns, externs, and other volunteer court employees refer to Advisory Opinions 111 and 112.  Additional Advisory Opinions are available upon request.

Total Compensation 

The Judiciary is committed to attract the highest caliber of talent.  While salary is a primary consideration for most prospective candidates, other employer benefits and their value may be far less visible, yet just as important.  Please be advised that the below information is simply an illustration of how the Judiciary may support an eligible employee through contributions to benefits.  These illustrations are not designed for a specific position and they do not reflect actual salary or potential benefit variances.  Finally, the data is based on national averages.