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Document Requests

Obtaining Copies of Documents

Photocopies of documents may be obtained via a written request made to the Clerk of Court, using the Copy Request Form at the rate noted in the Fee Schedule.

Electronically filed documents are also available for downloading and printing via PACER.

Many older closed case files are in long-term storage at the Federal Records Center in Lee’s Summit, MO.  If you see a notation on the docket indicating transfer of documents, you may contact the Federal Records Center for copies.


Obtaining a Transcript

Orders for production of transcripts should be directed to the official court reporter assigned to the appropriate judge.  Orders for production of transcripts produced by electronic sound recording in either city should be directed to the Transcript Coordinator (mailed to 2 Niagara Square, Buffalo, NY 14202; faxed to 716-551-1705; or emailed to

Once a transcript has been produced, a certified copy is filed with the Clerk of Court as part of the case file.  There is a period of 90 days from the date of filing when requests for transcripts must be processed by a court reporter.  Upon the expiration of the 90 days, the clerk's copy is thereafter available for copying for a fee as noted in the Fee Schedule.

The form for requesting a transcript is the AO 435.


Obtaining Copies of Audio Recordings of Proceedings

The form for requesting a duplicate recording is the  AO 436 Audio Order Form.

Upon request, the court may reproduce electronic audio recordings onto compact discs (CDs) and may sell copies of electronic audio recordings made as the official record to the public at the prevailing rate prescribed by the miscellaneous fee schedule in effect.



AO 435 Transcript Order Form
AO 436 Audio Order Form
Maximum Transcript Rates - FY 2023
Maximum Transcript Rates - FY 2024
Maximum Transcript Rates - FY 2025
Questions and Answers on the Electronic Availability of Transcripts and Transcript Redaction Procedures
Copy Request Form
Information on how to request files or copies from the Federal Records Center

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