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Hon. Richard J. Arcara

Hon. Richard J. Arcara
United States District Judge
2 Niagara Square
Buffalo, New York   14202
Telephone:  (716) 551-1810

Staff Information

Judicial Assistant:  Lisa Staff
Courtroom Deputy Clerk:  Barbara Keenan
Court Reporter:  Megan Pelka - 716-229-0880
Law Clerks:  Kelsey Till Thompson and JP Kennedy Jr.

Judge Tabs

Sentencing Submissions
Sentencing Submissions: 

Sentencing submissions shall comply with the sentencing schedule set forth at the time of plea as well as the Local Procedural Guidelines to Govern Sentencing Procedures under the Sentencing Reform Act of 1984 in the Western District of New York before United States District Court Judge Richard J. Arcara and William M. Skretny effective November 1, 2007.

Style Guide
Style Guide for Memoranda: 

Judge Arcara prefers citations to the Blue Book style.  If a pro se litigant is involved, opposing counsel shall include copies of unpublished cases cited in his or her memorandum of law.