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Will I Be Paid For My Jury Service and Travel Expenses?

The United States District Court for the Western District of New York will pay you, by check, an attendance fee of $40.00 per day, round-trip mileage if using your own car, tolls round trip and daily parking. If traveling by public transportation you will be reimbursed for that fare. You do not need to submit receipts. Please follow the directions for parking listed in your reporting instructions. You may park in any of the surrounding commercial parking lots. The Court will reimburse you for your parking expenses, not on the day you report, but when you receive your check for attendance. You should bring enough money with you to pay for parking. Federal employees do not receive the $40.00 attendance fee but do receive travel expenses. Jury fees are paid within a four to six week period.

Jurors who earn over $600 in attendance income in one calendar year will receive a 1099 form.

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