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What Should I Bring With Me When I Report For Jury Service And Is There A Dress Code?

Be sure to bring photo ID and your jury summons with you when you report for jury service. Since there can be extended periods of time when you will not be needed in the courtroom, you may want to bring a book or magazine.

While no formal dress code exists, jurors are requested to dress in a manner respectful to the Court. Shorts, T-shirts, and thong sandals are not considered appropriate attire. Please bring a sweater or jacket since the courtrooms are often quite cool.

You will have to pass through a metal detector each time you enter the courthouse so it is advised you leave excess metal and jewelry at home to speed your entry.

No liquids if any kind (water, coffee, soda, milk, juice, etc.) in any type of container (glass, paper, plastic or metal) may be brought into the courthouse.  However, if medically required, liquid medicines are allowed.

Laptop computers and cell phones are not allowed in the courtroom - please do not bring them into the courthouse. If they are brought to the courthouse, they will be checked at the door and you will be requested to leave these items with Security until you are released for the day. Public phones are available throughout the Rochester Courthouse only.


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