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What If I Receive A Juror Qualification Questionnaire And Summons?

Juror Qualification Questionnaires and Summonses are mailed to people randomly selected from the voter registration lists and licensed motor vehicle operator lists. The questionnaires are used to determine who is qualified to serve as a juror. You must complete the form either by completing the on-line eJuror questionnaire or filling out the paper questionnaire,  signing it and returning it in the envelope provided within ten (10) days. There is space on the reverse side of the paper form to provide additional information regarding hardships, etc. If you claim a medical hardship, a doctor’s note is to be included with the returned questionnaire or can be faxed from your doctor’s office to the Clerk’s Office (Rochester Fax number: 585-613-4035; Buffalo fax number 716-551-1705).

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