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What If I Have Obligations I Cannot Cancel During My 90-Day On Call Period?

Printed on the reverse side of the Jury Qualification Questionnaire form, at the bottom of the page, are months of the calendar encompassing your 90 day-on-call period. Please circle the dates you are unable to report for jury service. The Court will enter these dates into your Participant Record and will not call you in during those times. Once the form is returned and you become aware of other dates on which you cannot perform jury service, you are asked to inform the Jury Office by calling: 716-551-1721 (Buffalo) or 585-613-4017 (Rochester) or emailing at:  bufejuradm@nywd.uscourts.gov (Buffalo) or rocejuradm@nywd.uscourts.gov (Rochester).

If you are completing your qualification questionnaire on-line, please complete the form.  Once you press the "Confirm" button, on the left hand side of the screen there will be a "Contact Us" button.  Click on this button and send the Court an email with the dates you are not able to serve

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