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Hon. Richard J. Arcara

Hon. Richard J. Arcara

United States District Judge

2 Niagara Square

Buffalo, New York   14202

Telephone:  (716) 551-1810


Judicial Assistant:  Lisa Staff

Courtroom Deputy Clerk:  Denise Daniels

Court Reporter:  Megan Pelka

Law Clerks:  William Gillmeister, Charles M. Kruly





Once a motion is filed, the Court will issue a scheduling order setting forth a date for response and oral argument.  Judge Arcara prefers to have oral argument on all substantive motions and will advise the parties if he deems oral argument unnecessary.


Adjournments and Enlargments of Time

A request for an adjournment or enlargement of a deadline set forth in a prior order must be made by formal motion.  Judge Arcara does not accept letters or faxes.  Before filing the motion, movant shall consult with opposing counsel and ascertain whether opposing counsel consents to the request.  If an adjournment is requested, movant shall discuss proposed new dates with opposing counsel to confirm counsel's availabiity.  Those proposed dates shall be included in the moving papers.


Sentencing Submissions

Sentencing submissions shall comply with the sentencing schedule set forth at the time of plea as well as the Local Procedural Guidelines to Govern Sentencing Procedures under the Sentencing Reform Act of 1984 in the Western District of New York before United States District Court Judge Richard J. Arcara and William M. Skretny effective November 1, 2007.



Requests for Injunctive Relief

Requests for injunctive relief shall be made in the form and manner set forth in Local Rule 65 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure for the Western District of New York.  Requests to have the motion heard on an expedited basis must also comply with Local Rule 7(d).


Style Guide for Memoranda

Judge Arcara prefers citations to the Blue Book style.  If a pro se litigant is involved, opposing counsel shall include copies of unpublished cases cited in his or her memorandum of law.

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