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Hon. Lawrence J. Vilardo

Lawrence J. Vilardo
United States District Judge
Robert H. Jackson United States Courthouse
2 Niagara Square
Buffalo, New York 14202


Telephone: (716) 551-1620
Fax: (716) 551-1625


Judicial Assistant:  Colleen M. Demma
Courtroom Deputy Clerk:  Allison P. Gioia
Court Reporter:  Ann M. Sawyer
Law Clerks:   Matthew R. Benner
                    Kristin E. Bender






     The Court requests that courtesy copies of all motion papers be provided to Chambers.


     Unless the Court previously provided a date, notices of motion shall not contain return dates.  The Court will set a briefing schedule for all responses and replies.  Sur-replies will not be accepted unless ordered by the Court.


     The Court will schedule oral argument if necessary.   Parties requesting oral argument should so state in their notice of motion or responding papers. 


     Counsel should refer to the Local Rules of Civil and Criminal Procedure regarding briefing schedules (see Local Rule of Civil Procedure 7(b) and Local Rule of Criminal Procedure 12(b)).


Requests for Adjournments and Enlargements of Time


      A schedule may be modified only for good cause and with the Court’s consent.


      Counsel may submit letter requests for an adjournment or extension of time only if the request is made at least five days before the deadline and only with the consent of opposing counsel.  Otherwise, a motion for an adjournment or extension of time must be filed with the Court. 


      Admissions ceremonies are generally held on the first Monday of each month,
subject to changes in the court calendar.

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