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Hon. John T. Curtin

Hon. John T. Curtin

Senior United States District Judge

2 Niagara Square

Buffalo, New York   14202

Telephone:  (716) 551-1830

Fax:  (716) 551-1835


Judicial Assistant:  Janet E. K. Curry

Law Clerks:  William C. Schoellkopf and Karen M. McMahon





Oral argument is not required for every motion.  Judge Curtin requests that the parties provide chambers with courtesy copies of motion papers filed electronically with the Court.


Requests for Adjournments or Enlargements of Time

The parties are directed to call chambers to request an adjournment of a scheduled telephone conference, meeting, or oral argument.  Requests for enlargment of time may be brought in letter format and can be faxed to Judge Curtin.  The requesting party is directed to inform the opposing party about the request and attempt to gain consent and proposed agreeable new dates before notifying the Court.


Style Guide for Memorandua of Law

For unpublished cases, Judge Curtin prefers citation to Westlaw if available.  Otherwise, the parties are requested to attach copies of cited unpublished cases to their memoranda of law.



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