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Hon. H. Kenneth Schroeder, Jr.

Hon. H. Kenneth Schroeder, Jr.

United States Magistrate Judge

2 Niagara Square

Buffalo, New York   14202

Telephone:  (716) 551-1870

Fax:  (716) 551-1875


Courtroom Deputy Clerk:  Llane Guidotti

Law Clerks:  Karen E. Richardson
                   Hillary K. Green




Oral argument is not required for every motion.  When it is requested or the Court desires oral argument, the Court will set return dates and schedule oral argument.  Judge Schroeder requires courtesy copies of all pretrial motions in criminal cases and dispositive motions in civil cases.


Requests for Adjournments or Enlargements of Time

Judge Schroeder follows the requirements of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.  When parties agree on a request for an extension, they should send a letter request to Judge Schroeder instead of filing a formal motion.  All such requests shall indicate the number of prior extensions or adjournments.


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