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Hon. Charles J. Siragusa

Hon. Charles J. Siragusa

United States District Judge

1360 U.S. Courthouse

100 State Street

Rochester, New York   14614

Telephone:  (585) 613-4050

Fax:  (585) 613-4055


Judicial Assistant:  Kelly Pruden

Courtroom Deputy Clerk:  Kathy Allen

Law Clerks:  Michael Kehoe and Mark Pedersen





Oral argument is not required for every motion.  When it is requested, or the Court desires oral argument, or both, and for civil cases, it will be usually scheduled for Thursday afternoon.  Most arguments are scheduled for a total of 45 minutes.  Judge Siragusa generally starts arguments by asking questions of counsel based on the papers filed by them.

Judge Siragusa likes to have courtesy copies of motion papers filed on CM/ECF provided to him in paper form.


Requests for Adjournments or Enlargements of Time

Judge Siragusa follows the requirements of Federal Rules of Civil Procedure 6, and when a scheduling order has been entered, Rule 16(b)(4).  Requests can be sent by letter or by fax.


Style Guide for Memoranda of Law

Judge Siragusa prefers citations per the Blue Book style, and does not find string citations to cases useful.  If a pro se litigant is on the other side, please include copies of unpublished cases cited in your memorandum of law.


Social Security Cases

The government is directed to provide an electronic version of the Administrative Record for all Social Security Cases in addition to the conventional filing of the Administrative Record.

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