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Financial Information


For more information, please contact:


District Court Clerk's Office,

Finance & Accounting Department  (716-551-1730)


                    •      Bail Bonds and Registry Funds            Nicole K                
                    •     Cashiering Kelley M
                    •     Criminal Debt Bryan M
                    •     Disbursements Nicole K
                    •     Paper Check Conversion Maria G
                    •     Passports Kelley M









United States Probation & Pretrial Services Office  (716-551-4241)


                    •     Criminal Debt Balances for Defendant(s)  Under Supervision 




United States Attorney's Office,

Asset Forfeiture & Financial Litigation Unit  (716-843-5700)


                    •     Collection and Enforcement
                    •     Criminal Debt Balances for Defendant(s) Incarcerated
                    •     Criminal Debt Balances for Defendant(s) No Longer Under Supervision
                    •     Letters Regarding the Treasury Offset Program (TOP)






Note:  All attached documents (unless otherwise noted) are in Adobe Acrobat PDF file format.  You will need the free Adobe Acrobat reader to view these documents.  If you do not have the Adobe Acrobat Reader, you may get it here.


Criminal Monetary Penalities: Special Assessments, Restitution, and Fines66.83 KB
Registry Fund Investments51.55 KB
Bail Bonds Pamphlet (effective 03/2014)254.99 KB
Bonds - Posting and Refund Procedures (effective 03/2014)13.41 KB
Notice of Bail Bond Requirements (revised 01/2016)43.38 KB
Notice of No Cash Policy (revised 01/2016)98.32 KB
Notice of Policy Regarding Mailing of Receipts (revised 01/2016)32.43 KB
Notice to Customers Making Payment by Check - PCC OTC (revised 01/2016)107.34 KB
Paper Check Conversion - PCC OTC Disclosure Statement (revised 01/2016)93.62 KB
Paper Check Conversion - PCC OTC Frequently Asked Questions (revised 01/2016)105.37 KB
Paper Check Conversion - PCC OTC The Privacy Act of 1974190.1 KB
Passports and Non-Cash Collateral46.52 KB
Refunding of Fees via Pay.gov (effective 07/2015)749.78 KB
Increase In Attorney Pro Hac Vice Admission Fee (effective 10/2012)31.64 KB
Increase in Filing New Civil Actions (effective 05/2013)32.45 KB
District Court Fee Schedule (amended 12/2016)10.94 KB

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