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Can I Get A Postponement Or A Permanent Excuse From Jury Service?

You need to make a request to defer your jury service in writing using the back of the jury qualification questionnaire. Please give the reason why you need to be deferred and when would be a better time for your to serve as a juror within a 6-month period. The questionnaire still needs to be completed and returned to the Court.

If you are asking to be permanently excused from jury service, you are still required to complete the questionnaire. If you claim a medical hardship, a doctor’s note is to be included with the returned questionnaire or a doctor’s office can fax his or her note to the Clerk’s Office (Rochester Fax number: 585-613-4035; Buffalo fax number 716-551-1705).

All legal grounds for requesting excuse may be found on Question #14 on the enclosed Jury Qualification Questionnaire. Please read through the 4 listed excuse categories and fill in the circle that applies to your excuse. Some categories do require further information and must be explained in the Remarks column on the reverse side of the questionnaire. If you feel you will incur a hardship or conflict by serving as a juror, please write on the reverse side of your juror questionnaire your request to be excused prior to reporting. Please indicate any scheduled vacations, business trips, or any days you will be unavailable to serve on jury duty by circling the dates on the calendar on the reverse side of the jury questionnaire.  If you are a student currently attending school and need to be adjourned, please indicate so on the reverse side of the questionnaire. No excusals or adjournments can be granted over the telephone.   If you fill out your questionnaire on-line and need to request a postponement or inform us of any dates you are unable to serve, please use the "Contact Us" button on the eJuror page.

If you have served in another court within the last two years (Quest. #14, category #2) and provide proof of service, you may request an excuse (prior to reporting to jury service). The eight year excuse period observed by NY State does not apply in U.S. District Court.

You will not be notified by mail of the court’s decision regarding your request. Requests to be excused or postponed are not automatically granted. It is your responsibility to verify that your request to be excused or postponed has been granted. Please call the toll-free automated jury information system at 1-866-851-8154 for up-to-date information on your request 5 days prior to your reporting date. (Filling out your questionnaire on-line will decrease the amount of time needed to confirm your request to be excused.) You will be requested to enter your nine-digit participant number (located on the upper left hand side next to your name on the front of this form) and follow the audio prompt

If you have moved out of the Western New York area, please make the change to your address as instructed, complete the questionnaire and return it in the postage-paid envelope provided.



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